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 I have no time to spare....
Someone asked Ibrahim Ibne Ad'ham rahmatullahi alayh, "Could you spare some time for us, so that we might sit in your company and listen to your blessed discourse?" The sheikh replied, "At present, I have no time to spare, because I am deeply concerned about four things which keep my mind occupied viz:-

1. When the Covenant was made on the first day of creation, Allah Ta'ala decreed that a section of mankind will go to Jannah and a section will go to Jahannam; I am constantly worried as to which of these two sections I belong to.

2. When a baby is formed in its mother's womb, the angel, who has been put in charge of the sperm, asks Allah Ta'ala, 'Shall I record it as a blessed soul or an accursed one?' The thought whether or not I have been recorded as a blessed soul keeps me constantly worried.

3. When the Angel of Death takes away the soul of a person, he (the angel) asks Allah Ta'ala, 'Shall I place it with the souls of the mu'mineen (believers) or with those of kafirs (non-believers).' I am deeply concerned about my own self, because I do not know what command will be given to the angel with regard to my soul.

4. A proclamation will be made on the Day of Resurrection:

"Get yourself apart, O you who are guilty"  (Yaa-Seen : 59)

I am very much concerned about my own fate, because I do not know whether I shall be found guilty or innocent." (Tanbeehul Ghaafileen).

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