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The Barakat of acts of Thawaab sent to the Deceased
Bahiyah was a very pious lady. While she was dying,she looked towards the heaven and supplicated: " O my Allah! Only you are my Treasure in my life and death.Do not disgrace me.Save me from the torments of the grave."

After she died ,her son adopted the practice of visiting her grave every Thursday and Friday.He would recite the Qur'aan Shareef and bestow the thawaab of it to his mother as well as to the other inmates of the grave.He would also make Dua-e-Maghfirah for them.

The son narrates:
"One night I saw my mother in a dream.I made salaam and asked her:"Mother how are you faring?"

She replied:"O my son!The hardships and torments of Maut are many.But, until Qiyaamah I am in comfort here in Barzakh with the kindness and grace of  Allah Ta'ala.I have been awarded  a variety of comforts and luxuries."
I asked:"Do you need anything?"

She replied:"Yes! Never abandon your practice of visiting me and reciting the Qur'aan Shareef, dua, etc.When you come,great happiness prevails.When you arrive, the inmates of the graves come to me in delight and inform me of your approach."

I continued my practice of visiting the qabrastaan,reciting Qur'aan Shareef and making dua for my mother and the rest of the inmates of the graves.

One night I dreamt that a large crowd of people came to me.I asked them:"Who are you? They replied:"We are the inmates of the grave.

We have come to express our gratitude to you.Do not abandon your practice."    
Excerpt from "Orchards of Love

Home  >  Meritorious  Deeds & Actions >  The Barakat of acts of Thawaab sent to the Deceased
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