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MAN AND NATURE: Man interferes in the Balance of Nature
The story goes that there was a beautiful forest, which was inhabited by all types of animals. The grass eating animals lived with the ferocious beasts.

One day the men in charge of the forest discovered that the lions and wolves ofthe forests were killing and eating the deer in large numbers. It pained them to see these defenseless animals being bullied and killed by ferocious beasts that were many times larger to them in size. The people living near the forest decided to take the matters in their hands and set things right. After all somebody had to defend these harmless animals from the blood thirsty beasts. In their eagerness to do good to the weak animals, they decided to kill the lions and the wolves so that the deer in the forest would be safe from them.

They went about on their tasks with a vengeance and very soon they avenged the death of all those powerless animals of the forests by killing the wicked lions and the wolves. The deer in the forest thrived as a result. It gladdened their hearts to see large herds of deer moving about in the forest without any fear of the ferocious beasts. All the deer born grew to full size. The herds became larger and larger. Soon the herds were so large that there was not enough food around for all of them. They became so hungry that they started gnawing at the barks of the trees. Many of the trees in the forest died as a result of this and causing alarm among the people near the forest. They realized that if this new problem was not checked immediately then they would be soon left without the forest. Then the same people set out once again to kill some of the deer in order to save the forests. They now understood that the lions and the wolves n the forest were helping them to keep the forest in perfect order. They had interfered with the law of nature and they were now poor in terms of both the wildlife and trees in the forest all brought to an untimely death by their own hands.

The story above gives one an idea about how the forest, the deer, the lions, the wolves and other beings in the forest are dependent on one another for their survival. Living things in a forest need food, shelter, air, water and light for their continued existence. More importantly living things both great and small need other living things almost as much as they need air and water for their survival.

The law of nature as recognized the world over decrees that every kind of thing that is produced and lives in nature has been done with due balance and measure. It has been decreed that the mineral kingdom supports the vegetable kingdom and they in turn support the animal kingdom and there is a link of mutual dependence among them. Excess is eliminated and the waste of one is made the food of another and vice versa continuing along the line in a chain of gradation and interdependence. Every living creature has been provided for in this law and among them are a lot of them, which mankind is not aware of with due balance and economy according to a grand Universal Plan of this law. Any external interference in this law by man may result in unexpected consequences that would be both tragic and beyond repair. A law decreed by no other than Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala the Lord of the Worlds.
Allhamdu-lillaahi Rabbil Aalameen
"All Praises are to Allah, (Who) is the Rabb of the worlds." (Qur'an 1:2)
A'alam is a collective noun and refers to all creatures of Allah. This word is not generally used in its plural form. But in the verse, A'ALAM denotes all kinds of genera and species as the world of men, the world of animals, the world of angels, the world of jinns, etc. This is why the plural form is used so that it may be clearly understood that each and every individual of the Universe is the creature of Allah Ta'ala and of no one else. Our Creator has created all the different species with a balance and mantains this balance. Too often, man inteferes in this delicate balance that Allah Ta'ala has created; resulting in tragic and disastrous consequences. All Praises are to due to Allah, who is the Creator of every creation and has created a balance within it.

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