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Dear Palestine! What can I do to Help?
Make ernerst, sincere duaa. Try to shed tears and beg Allah Ta'ala to alleviate the suffering of the Muslims in Palestine; and other places where Muslims are oppressed. Beg Allah Ta'ala with sincerity.(like a child begging his mother).

Nafl Salaat:
Even if;one is not a regular performer of Tahajjud salaat; atleast for the sake of the lives of the innocents that are massacred; get up at the time of Tahajjud and perform two rakaats of salaah; contemplate on the sufferings,that the Ummah is facing today; beg Allah Ta'ala for His Divine Help and assisstance.Shed some tears; Ask for Forgiveness and help for the Abstention from sin and for Allah Ta'ala's Divine solution.

Give some charity(sadaqah) on behalf of the Muslims in Palestine; on behalf of the orphans; the widows;the martyrs and those that are being tortured and oppressed. This sadaqah may even be a loaf of bread or bottle of milk to a needy person in your area.

Keep a nafl fast on any day of one's choice. Ask Allah Ta'ala to reward the blessings of one's fast to the people of Palestine. At the time of breaking one's fast ;Beg Almighty Allah Ta'ala, to alleviate the sufferings of the Muslim Ummah in Palestine and other parts of the world where Muslims are unjustly being opressed.

Sign petitions:
Sign pertitions that are drawn up to create an awareness of the Palestinian plight. Human Rights pertitions etc. This is not insignificant; as the overwhelming majority; and thousands sign a pertition; this definitely makes a difference and it illustrates the way people perceive a cause. Take a few minutes and sign these pertitions and polls and make a difference.

Participate in Activities of Palestinian Alligned Groups & Palestinian Solidarity Groups:
There are many Palestinian Solidarity groups and agencies who have awareness programmes; talks,campaigns etc. Actively keep in touch with them and participate in their activities that are within the Shariah.

Boycott Campaign:
With a little bit of sacrifice adjust the products we purchase and boycott Israeli products. Distribute the list of products to family and friends. Remember the finances from these products are responsible for the bullet that is fired on an innocent Palestinian child. Let us inspire and encourage one another to actively participate in the boycott campaign to make it effective.

Relief and Financial Aid:
The lives;homes and infra-structure of the Palestinians have been devestated. Assist by aiding financially to a legitimate Relief agency in your area. Spare ourselves from over indulgences and financially aid our Brothers and sisters in this hour of need.

Make News outlets Aware:
Keep a vigilant eye on the news outlets;magazines etc. and respond timeously to their bias comments and views. Participate in phone-in sessions on the Radio. If one is unable to do so; make those who are able to do so; aware of such comments; articles etc. so that timeous responses are made. Forward pertinent and relevant articles you come across to Western media outlets such as CNN,FOX NEWS; SKY NEWS;BBC etc. and local media outlets. The more articles forwarded to these outlets; the more effective will be the awareness of the Palestinian plight.

Rasulullah(sallaaahu alayhi wassallam) encouraged the Ummah to read this duaa at the time of distress and calamity. Encourage family members to recite this duaa daily; as well as our local ulama to recite in the Fajr salaah;preferably. We may learn or get a copy of the Duaa-e-Naazila from our local Ulama; and may recite it; even as a Duaa outside salaah if we are unable to read it in salaah.

Useful Wazeefahs:
One may read these beneficial wazeefahs; 100 times daily during times of calamity and distress.
(i) "Hasbunallaahu wa ni'mal wakeel": Allah is sufficient for us and our Guardian.
(ii) "La ilaaha illa anta subhaanaka inni kuntu minaz zaalimeen": There is none worthy of worship except You. Certainly I am amongst the wrongdoers.

Hazrat Anas(R.A.) describes that Rasulullah(sallaaahu alayhi wassallam) said that Allah Ta'ala says that sometimes, He intends to send a calamity to a land; but the idea is given up; seeing those men who populate His houses(Masjids) and recite "ISTIGHFAAR" in the late hours of the night; and He witholds the calamity. (BAYHAQI)

Hazrat Jabir(R.A.) and Hazrat Abu Talha(R.A.) reported that Rasulullah(sallaaahu alayhi wassallam) has said that whosoever helps a Muslim at the time of loss of honour and humility; receives Help from Allah when he is in need of help.( ABU DAWOOD)

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