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Desired manners of sleeping & resting
Try to sleep in the state of purity (with Wudhu)
Dust your bed three times before you go to sleep.
Lie down on your right side, put your right hand under your right cheek and recite "Allahumma Bismeka Amuto wa Ahieya"--O Allah! in thy name I live and die
Before you sleep recite once Ayatul Kursi and the two last verses of Surah Baqarah i.e. beginning with Ammanar Rasul
Recite also Tasbeha -e- Fatimah (Radiyallahu Taala Anha)
Recite the four Surahs beginning with Qul on your on your hand and rub them on the whole body, do it three times.
Before you sleep apply Kuhl (Collyrium) three times, first in the right eye and then in the left.
Recite three times Istigfar also before you sleep.
Before you sleep recite once Surah Tabarak al lazi Be yedihee Mulk
When you wake up recite: "Alhamdullilah il lazi Ahiyana Baada Ma Ammatana wa Ilehi Nushur".
Praise be to Allah Who resorted us unto life have caused us to die and unto Him shall be the Resurrection.

Home  >  Meritorious  Deeds & Actions >  Desired manners of sleeping & resting
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