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A Child's Plea
I Know I am still small and don't know so many things yet, but please don't treat me as if I am stupid and don't understand anything that is going on.

Please try to remember that the world viewed through my eyes is very big.
You stop and think how you would feel if you were only one metre tall and could not see on top of the table or could not reach the door handle.

When I am frightened of a dog, or a motor-car, please pick me up and comfort me.

I can only concentrate for a while at one thing. Lots of things last too long for me - like shopping, visiting or even eating and dressings sometimes.

My legs are a lot shorter than yours;please don't walk so fast when we go places. In any case I like to look and investigate things as I go along.

Could you be a little more patient when I find it difficult to accomplish a small task like fastening my buttons? You have had so many years of practising. I am learning for the first time.

Big people get into such a hurry! You tell me so many things at once: " Wash your hands, fetch the post, put on your shoes." I get so mixed and cannot remember why what's all the hurry about anyway ?

Sometime it would be nice if you talked to me, or explained why I had to do something when it was new to me. Sometimes you could just talk to me about anything. I would feel loved and part of my family.

Most of all Mum and Dad; Please always love me, because I not only need understanding and kindness, but need all of your love very much !

Author Uknown.

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